Case4fun Soft TPU Shock Absorbing iPhone SE Case Review

Case4fun Soft TPU Shock Absorbing case is a protective layer to the iPhone SE. Users are being careless of their smartphones or the modern days making them careless. So, an additional protection is a necessity as the iPhone is a nice device that costs something big. Case4fun has been serving the smartphone market with their quality products for the past years. They recently launched a case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and now looking forward with the iPhone SE case which can even resist the shock.

The product is designed in a transparent manner such that to express the beauty without limiting it inside the case. The soft TPU material is used in the production that will never make a discomfort in your hands while using the phone for hours. It will not add any bulk to the smartphone as it is very lightweight and sleek in design. The weights of the smartphone will not be considerably altered by the case. The edges looking a little bulky so that to provide extra grip and strength on the edges. As the smartphones are exposed to the accidental drops that will most probably affect the edges, the company wisely designed the product with a little more strength on the edges.

Case4fun Case for iPhone SE Review

It is coming for the iPhone SE, but still supports other members of the iPhone family. The case4fun case is well tested for the iPhone 5S / 5 / 5C devices that sweeten the popularity. The precise cutting will not make your fingers feel discomfort in reaching the buttons. The camera and buttons are precisely exposed without making a distraction to the users. The ports are well reachable, and it will not block the USB or other connectors reaching the smartphone completely.

The company claims that the product is completely made of Eco-friendly materials to not affect the nature in any manner. So, if you love your nature, there is no reason to avoid this product. Apart from just preventing the shock, the case can resist accidental drops and the tears. The high-quality material used can overcome accidental drops from more than 10 meters. It can also resist the water if it is poured on the backside of the smartphone. So that, slight accidents will not disturb the smartphone if the case is there on the smartphone.


Case4fun Soft TPU Shock Absorbing iPhone SE Case is a good case to cover the iPhone SE from accidental damages and tears. Being one of the leading producers of the smartphone cases and covers, the quality of the product will meet your requirements and will last longer than it looks like. The company is providing a lifetime warranty on the product that ensures the case will be safe as long as your smartphone stays. It is very rare to see such products with a lifetime warranty.

It is priced $16.99 from the normal store, but it is now available at $8.99 from the Amazon store. If you want to avail the device, you can do that from the following link.

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