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Case4fun Galaxy S7 Edge Case Review

Case4fun Galaxy S7 Edge Case is a good protective layer that you can buy for the lovely Galaxy S7 Edge. More than just a cover to show the beauty of the device, it delivers superior protection also without compromising the beauty. The transparent design will never block your eyes from enjoying the stylish back cover of the smartphone. It looks like small bubble placed randomly on the cover. But, it does more than what it looks like. Those bubbly things are that much capable of enhancing the shockproof feature of the Case4fun case.

The product is made of soft TPU Shock Absorbent material that can protect the Edge from being damaged due to the accidental shocks. As i mentioned before, the bubbly parts enhances this capability in some technical manner. More than this, they also provide a good grip on the hands. The cutting edges are precisely engineered to not block your hands from reaching the buttons with ease. The precision in making of the cover made it express the parts including camera, buttons, flash, etc… to stay as what it is.

Case4fun Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Case4fun case is very elegant in design and tough in the material. The case feels very light and slim in look. That will not make the slim S7 Edge bulky one. On the edges of the case, the manufacturers given a little more strength by making  the material tough especially on the corners. This may be because the accidental drops will mostly affect the corners of the smartphone.

In the manufacturing, the company claims that the material is completely Eco-friendly and never hurt the nature. This sounds interesting as other companies are not on this right now. Another noticeable fact is that the company gives the lifetime warranty to product that sounds like they are that much confident of the quality of their product. If they are brave enough to give such an offer, there should be something good on the product that will be a favour to the users.


The Case4fun Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case will be a good cover to consider if you are looking for a transparent and tough case for your smartphone with some extra features. Even it is coming with the Shockproofing technology to sweeten the popularity. The case is priced $16.99 that not making it expensive. Giving it a try may gift yourself a protective layer for your lovely smartphone. So, give it a try.

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