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Weather Live Free - Android App

It’s been a long time since you last looked to the sky for canceling your football match due to rain. Instead, you’ve one of the most productive device in your hands called ‘Smartphones’ to tell you whether it is going to rain or not. The weather apps are the key to know the details regarding the weather condition of your location. Within a number of taps, you could find out each bit of information regarding the weather condition of your location. Even you can predict the future weather too.

Weather Live Free app is such a nice app that can provide the most accurate and descriptive weather forecast. No matter whether you are looking for the temperature, weather condition, humidity, pressure,¬†precipit, sunrise time, sunset time, etc… The app can display all the information you wanted regarding the weather. Here we have a brief review of the Weather Live Free android app that will let you know more details of the app. So, let’s have a look.

Weather Live Free App Features

Weather live free app is such a nice product from the ‘Apalon apps’ team. It has a number of features that is enough to provide you the complete details of the weather condition. We listed some of the most important features of the app except listing all of them due to some limitations. So, have a look.

Accurate and Deep weather details

Weather Live Free App-011

The app will show the most accurate weather forecasting details in a deep manner. Apart from just showing the temperature and current weather condition, the app will show all the details including, Humidity, Precipit, Pressure, Sunrise, Sunset Dew point, etc… It can even display such details of the upcoming days too. You can also set multiple cities for knowing the weather details, and it will be easy as sliding the screen to switch between the cities.

Weather maps

Weather Live Free App-08

Weather maps let you discover what is the weather condition of different places all over the world. It gives a quick representation of the details by coloring the locations with different colors and in different intensities to show the rate.

Customizable Features and Layout

The app has a lot of features, and all of them can be customized inside app settings for getting the desired results. For example, if you want to see the temperature in Fahrenheit, you can change the Celsius to Fahrenheit from the settings. You can also change the layout of the widgets and app from the layout settings.

Live Scenes and Wallpaper

Weather Live Free App-13

On the app, you will get all the details illustrated on the foreground alongside a background that will show the current weather conditions of the selected locations. It can provide a quick idea about the weather of the location without even looking to the text on the foreground. If you would like to get the details frequently, you can set it as the live wallpaper of your smartphone. Thus, you don’t even need to access the app to get the weather details.

Weather Alerts

If any heavy rain or wind is approaching your selected location, the app will give alerts to you to be alert. It is a great feature that can’t be seen on normal weather apps.


  • Accurate¬†weather details
  • Compatible with android wear
  • Weather Alerts
  • Weather maps
  • Live wallpaper


  • Some display ads are showing

Wrapping Up

Weather live free app is a good app to consider if you are looking for an app that can tell you the accurate details of the weather condition in a user-friendly design. Giving it a try will be a good option for you. So, give it a try.

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