Wallpapers for Me – Android App Review

Wallpapers for Me is an app that let you choose your favorite wallpapers from the thousands of files that can be selected from 10 different categories. The app has a very simple interface without having any complicated functions. Choosing the perfect wallpaper is just some swipes away from you. So, today we have decided to write a review of the app to help you find out more details regarding it.

The app contains minimal functions that only features the wallpaper tweaking of your smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t demand any other configurations or settings to change the wallpaper. Instead, you just have to swipe to find out the your favorite wallpaper and tap a button. The app will do the rest for you. Let’s have a deep dig into the features and functions of the Wallpapers for Me app.

Wallpapers for Me App Features

Features of the app is enough to state the thousands of app installs from the play store. As it is only an app for changing the wallpaper of your smartphone, no extra features are needed. So, the developers only included the essential features to tweak the wallpapers, but in an effective way.

HD Wallpapers

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The clarity of the images you get will be amazing. You will get high-quality images to set as the background of the screen. No scattered pixels or blurry areas will be there on the images. So that it will look fine with any widgets or icons on the foreground.

10 Categories

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The Wallpapers for Me app contains 10 different categories to choose your favorite images. They are ranging as Abstract, Cartoon, Sci-Fi, Animals, Sports, Nature, 3D, Holidays, Minimal and Cities. So, you will never again miss the opportunity of finding the perfect fit for your background.

Optimized Image Sizes

The Wallpapers for me app will deliver optimized images as the wallpapers which will well fit the screen resolution of your smartphones or tablets. So that, it will not add any extra size to the images more than it needed. This feature also helps to improve the clarity of the images by fitting the screen exactly.

Fast Download and Implementation

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The Wallpapers for Me app has a fast download speed that will not make you wait on the process. It downloads the files instantly and will give you two options for the wide and fixed wallpapers. After choosing the wallpaper mode just tap on the Done button and your wallpaper will change instantly.

Dynamic wallpapers

If you don’t like a simple static wallpaper for your lovely device, the Wallpapers for Me app has the dynamic wallpaper feature that will regularly change the wallpaper as per your preferences.

Daily content updates

Hundreds of images will be added to the wallpaper database of the app each day. So, you will get new images each time you opening the app. Never again adjust with the old background of your smartphone. Switch to the Wallpapers for Me app.

Special holiday and seasonal content Renewals

Everyone enjoys holidays and seasons. The Wallpapers for Me app also do. There will be newly added wallpapers featuring the holiday seasons or festivals during that period.


  • High-Quality images
  • Optimized images
  • Large number of wallpapers to select from
  • Fast download
  • Special content updates
  • Dynamic wallpapers


  • Showing some ads


If you are looking for a perfect app which can change your wallpapers within a simple tap on your favorite images, the Wallpapers for Me app will be a good choice. The app contains minimal features to provide your favorite wallpapers that can be selected from 10 different categories. If you would like to install it, you can do that from the following link.



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