Top iTunes Alternatives for Easy File Transfer

Top iTunes Alternatives for Easy File Transfer

For every iOS user, iTunes don’t need an introduction. iTunes is developed by Apple to make the connection between your PC/Mac with your iOS device for media transfer. It is a dedicated media manager software available for Windows and Mac platforms. Besides its uses and advantages, most people feel it is a crap software. The main disadvantage of iTunes is its complicated navigation and usability.

Advantages of iTunes

  • Traditional way of Apple media management
  • Available for both Windows and Mac
  • Radio support
  • Home Sharing
  • Advanced Features

Disadvantages of iTunes

  • Cluttered user interface
  • Required Apple ID
  • Device detection errors
  • Unexpected media loss errors

The user interface of the iTunes feels annoying, and a lot of options confuses the user. The Apple clubbed all the necessary and unnecessary features included in the iTunes. For heavy iOS devices usage and media transfer tasks, iTunes is a pain. We dogged the problem and found some great alternatives to the iTunes. These software’s provide an easy way to transfer files from PC/Mac to iOS device without any hassle. The best part is, you can transfer files from multiple machines without fear of losing data.

Considering all the necessary points we created an article, here are our Top iTunes Alternatives for easy file transfer. These tools provide more options than iTunes; some are free and some paid. Depending on your usability you can choose the best software from the below list.

User-Friendly iTunes Alternatives


If you are looking for an all-rounder media management tool MediaMonkey comes first in my mind. It is one of the best tools which can give ultimate features while managing media on your PC or Mac. You can manage music library, import/export, playlist support, multiple formats support, album art, duplicate files cleaning and much more. MediaMonkey can sync media files to your iOS devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhone’s.


Ecoute is easy to use tool for Mac systems. Ecoute is a great alternative to iTunes; it challenges the Apple’s iTunes with great ease use and lightweight nature. The user interface of Ecoute carries only required options, without any bloatware features. The user is to find and navigate the music or any other media library within the Ecoute user interface. This tool also offers integration.


Swinsian is an iTunes alternative available for Mac OS X. Navigating is pretty simple, and anyone can use the program extensively. If you want to get rid of iTunes from your Mac, Swinsian is your best companion.


Another very powerful music management tool for media lovers. It can handle huge libraries with ease and provides an easy way to transfer media from your PC to iOS device without touching iTunes.


SynciOS is a free and Premium tool to replace your iTunes. As it comes in a premium version, it is packed with some powerful features. For me, it is my personal favourite to transfer media without using iTunes.


PodTrans features a simple user interface which can easily usable by anyone. It can handle all tasks carried by iTunes and simplifies your media transferring tasks. Using PodTrans you can transfer music from iOS device to another device.

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