OUKITEL Seriously working on the Fingerprint of U7 Plus – Details

OUKITEL, a popular Chinese brand always in news for their unique products, this time brings something big with the fingerprint sensor of their smartphone, the OUKITEL U7 Plus. As the presale of the smartphone already started, thanks for the company for the information regarding the latest improvements on the fingerprint sensor of the device. The OUKITEL devices like K6000 Pro utilized the fingerprint for unlocking the whole device in the black screen and for locking or unlocking apps. Now in the OUKITEL U7 Plus, they bring 3 new additions to the fingerprint sensor.

First, U7 Plus will divide the usage for the unlock screen and lock application. In the old fingerprint sensing technology in other devices, if you don’t use the fingerprint as the unlock method for the screen, your settings for both lock and unlock applications is also unusable. But this time on the latest fingerprint technology, even if you use password or pattern as the screen unlock method, you can set a fingerprint to unlock for the applications. This is a good method how you can protect your smartphone and its files while handover it to others in your family or your friends. Specific applications can be selected for the fingerprint lock, and others could be opened as normal.

Second, U7 Plus add some new functions for the fingerprint. You can tap the fingerprint to take a photo, answer a phone call, change to next photo in album page, pause music and start again, pause video and start again, etc. These features sound good as the previous models weren’t comprised this inside. This time, it will be fun to utilize the U7 Plus fingerprint alongside these handy functions.

Third, U7 Plus allows you to link fingerprint to specified fingerprint. This time, the U7 Plus allows you to link 5 fingerprints to it at the same time. Previously, all the fingerprints had the same function to unlock screen and applications on the smartphone. The new additions help the users open an application directly using the fingerprint sensor of the smartphone. For example, uses can enroll the left index finger and can choose to link it to the WhatsApp application. Afterwards, while you are on the black screen, if you tap fingerprint by the left index finger, WhatsApp will be opened directly without any actions.

Now, that’s all about the new additions to the fingerprint sensor of the OUKITEL U7 Plus smartphone. While talking about the specs briefly, U7 Plus sports a 5.5 inch HD display device powered by the MT6737 Quad-core 64-bit 1.3GHz chipset, 2GB RAM, and 16GB ROM. The cameras are of 13.0 MP on the back and 5.0 MP on the front. The device is coming with a unibody poly-carbonated battery cover. The pre-orders of the smartphone already started at the price of $89.99. As per the company, there will be a flash sale of the smartphone from August 16th, where the price will be reduced to $69.99. More details of the sale will be listed on their website.






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