WhatsApp rolls out update to limit forwarded messages to 5 chats

    WhatsApp rolls out update to limit forwarded messages to 5 chats

    WhatsApp has been very famous in the past few years and it has now become the go-to messaging platform for users around the world. Also, it is known that WhatsApp has a huge user base in India as well.

    However, there have been various incidents of mob-lynching and violence in India in the past few months and years. Therefore, the Government of India has been very strict again WhatsApp and has already issued a notice to the company. This is in regards to curbing forwarded messages which are believed to be the main problem in this incidents.

    Also, the Indian Government has told WhatsApp that it needs to implement some measures to curb the spreading of fake news as well. Now, in a move in reply to the Indian Government’s notice, WhatsApp has rolled out a new update. With this update, you will now be limited to forwarding WhatsApp messages to just 5 chats.

    This will mean that the elements who have been spreading fake rumors will not be able to spread them in bulk. Apart from that, the forwarding button beside Media which was recently added will also be removed. This means that you cannot easily share images or videos easily which will slow down the forwarding process.

    Now, one more thing to note here is that forwarding limit to 5 chats per user and removal of forwarding button for media will only apply to Indian users. Globally, this will still be available and you can forward to as many people as you want outside of India.

    However, this is feared to give a rise to VPNs being used to use WhatsApp outside of India where this features will still be available to send messages to Indian users. Now, it is also left to be seen whether this will curb the epidemic of fake news from WhatsApp which India has severely witnessed in this days.


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