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Bluboo Maya now on Presale – $9.99 Deal, $50 offer, Free Gifts and Hammer Proof

Bluboo Maya is the new smartphone model from the house of Bluboo. Lot of news going on around this smartphone over a month. Finally, the pre-sale announced by Bluboo. The pre-sale of Bluboo Maya is coming with many deals and offers.

The Presale period of Bluboo Maya is from 18th June to 1st July.  The Price of Bluboo Maya is $99.99 on the regular days. But, on the Presale the price is only $69.99. This is only a limited offer.

Along with the reduced presale price, there is a special Snap-up deal announced. Only on 18th June, the first 50 lucky winners can get the brand new Bluboo Maya at the price of $9.99. Visit this promo page, where you can buy at Snap-up deal.

Yes, this is unbelievable. But, remember this is very limited and only the first 50 buyers on that day will get this deal on hand.

Along with this special deal, in Aliexpress Online Store, on 18th June a limited flash sale announced for the price of $49.99.

The Bluboo Maya priced at $99.99 officially, is available for three different lesser prices for the lucky buyers. First 50 buyers get it at $9.99, then on limited Aliexpress Flash sale for $49.99 and finally on the presale for the price of $69.99, which ends on 1st July.

We also get a news about the Hammer and knife proof video of Bluboo Maya. In the video, the phone covered by an Explosion resistant protector film and then tested by Hammer and Knife. There is no single scratch on the screen after the test. Check the video below.


The winners of Snap-up deal can get the free Explosion resistant protector showed in this video. More information are given in the Promo page.

You can read the specs, quick review, pros and cons of Bluboo Maya in the below article.

Bluboo Maya Full Specs, Review, Price, Release Date, Pros and Cons








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