Apalon Flashlight: A Simple Flashlight App

Apalon Flashlight Android App Review

Flashlight apps are always fun to have in android smartphones. Apart from just outputting some white light from the flash, most of the apps have some unique useful features to help users in various needs. SOS signal system is such a nice pick by the smart developers to help people in emergencies. Another noticeable feature of some flashlight apps is that they can function even without having a flash on the back! They can utilize the display of the smartphones to output good quality light by adjusting the brightness.

All put together in a single app can deliver seamless user experience. Apalon Flashlight android app is such a nice production by the Apalon team who already made their existence on the app industry with popular products like Wallpapers for me. The Apalon Flashlight power packs some useful features including a Built-in SOS system which can also work without a flash. Today we have this app to review here. So let’s have a look.

Apalon Flashlight App Features

9 different flashing frequencies

Apalon Flashlight App different Flashing Freqencies

Apalon Flashlight comes with 9 different frequencies which could be adjusted by sliding the upper portion of the screen. There will be different frequency levels numbered from 1-9 alongside ‘0’ for the normal flash and SOS for the SOS signal system. The color variations also deliver a good user experience on the app as well as stretching the usability.

Built-in SOS flashlight signal system

Apalon Flashlight App Main Interface SOS

As I mentioned before, the SOS system is a great feature on the app with a built-in signal functionality. Users just have to slide the slider to SOS and tap on the big power button placed on the bottom part. The SOS signal will start functioning immediately which may be your lifesaver in urgent situations.

Works without Flash

If you own an old smartphone without the flash functionality in it, no worries with the Apalon Flashlight. It can utilize your device display for outputting the flash with the maximum possible brightness. (The brightness may depend on the quality of your smartphone display. But well performed in our case when we tested on Samsung Galaxy S6.)

3 color screen modes

The app comes with 3 different color modes, but actually 4 including the default black skin. It adds extra user-friendliness to the app. The Yellow skin will be there for the 9 different frequencies while the Rose one for the SOS and the Blue color for the default flash.

User-Friendly Interface

Apalon Flashlight App Main Interface

If you need a simple flashlight app which is capable of delivering the right results in a simple manner, the Apalon Flashlight android app will be one of the best choices you can make. However, it has limited functionality without any advanced functions.


  • Built-in SOS System
  • Very simple app
  • Good design
  • No complications in operations
  • Bright Light
  • Works even without flash


  • No special functions than SOS


Apalon Flashlight is a considerable flashlight app for your android smartphone. The app contains some useful features like the SOS system with built-in functionality. It can also operate even without a flash on the smartphones. User-friendliness in also appreciable and we can’t find any hassles from our tests. So, it worths a try. If you ever again needed a torch for searching your contact lenses or to grab your old belongings in the basement, be sure to use this app.

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