12 Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Android

12 Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Android

Your phone was rooted, files deleted, accidentally damaged, factory reset, etc and you might have lost some very important data. This might be really problematic and you are in jeopardy. Here is a list of 12 ways on how to recover your deleted files in Android.

12 Ways to Recover Deleted Files in Android

  • Sometimes you might have accidentally deleted your data like word files. It is important to check your Google drive, Dropbox, etc. This is because a backup could have taken place and your files could still be there.
  • Checking your external memory card. The file could have been accidentally moved from internal memory to your external memory card. This doesn’t require you to shift the files as they are already there on your SD card.
  • Use a toolkit to scan your phone. Enter the debugging mode, enter the file type and let the scanning execute.
  • To recover google photos, go to the undelete option and select the photo you want to bring back. This form of recovery will take place only if you have got cloud storage
  • Use disk digger to find your files. This tool mainly picks up photos and pieces of videos. Run the basic scan to use this tool.
  • To recover saved games, it’s best advised to contact the developer of the game. There should be some kind of communication to recover saved parts of games. It is better to sync your games to your cloud account in your Google play store.
  • Recuva and disk digger are two great tools to recover deleted music. Almost all music apps save your music in your cloud account. But to recover them you have to visit the web interface.
  • Recovering contacts is quite easy as google usually stores your contacts. Go to the Google web and restore contacts.
  • Deleted emails also can be recovered. Google accounts have a way of storing all emails. Go to the bin and view your recently erased images.
  • Use Recuva to restore your files. Plug the phone into your computer and follow the steps by step wizard to restore your deleted files.
  • Use Android data recovery on your computer. Plug the phone into your computer and follow the USB debugging method to restore the files.
  • Always turn on any kind of backup on your phone because crying over spilled milk is always terrible. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, it is greatly applicable to your phone data.

I hope this article serves as a good guide on how to recover your data on your Android phone.





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