Vkworld recently announced a new rugged phone Vkworld Stone V3S, which comes as the next version of Stone V3. Notably, this is not a smartphone. This is a regular cellular phone, which are almost forgotten by many people. Some may think, the need for the old type feature phones in present time where smartphones are ruling the world. But still there are people who like and need this old feature phones.

Mainly for the situations where smartphones cannot be helpful. In extreme environments or working conditions, smartphones have the risk of getting damaged in the circuit level or in the physical level. In those situations, people prefer the use of tough feature phones.

Vkworld Stone V3S is the world’s first Quadruple-protection rugged phone. This phone is suitable for all the users and can be used in any tough environment. The reason to mention about environments is because of the special protective features of Vkworld Stone V3S.

This phone has IP67 certification which gives assurance for the dust resistance and water resistance. The body of Stone V3S is made tough and Zinc alloy frame covers the side for extra protection. The phone got the rugged status after its tough body. Vkworld stated that Stone V3S would survive without serious damage on repeated or accidental drops.

There is another special feature added in this phone. That is the Anti-low temperature feature. This keeps the phone in working condition even at a -50 degree Celsius. The physical keyboard has a resin coating and laser craving characters. The keys are placed with enough free space between each other.

Vkworld Stone V3S is going to be available on sale from second week of October 2016. The official price of Vkworld Stone V3S is set at $30, which is lower than the previous version. There are four color variants available in Stone V3S. They are Black, Green, Orange and Blue.

If you didn’t know, Vkworld is currently conducting a special Anniversary sale where every day 5 lucky winners are getting free phones. This promotion is going to end on 10th October. If you want to try your luck, check here. http://promo.vkworld.cc/t1/